Thrilling spectacle of TEMPISH Vítkovice and Chodov


In an Extra League match TEMPISH Vítkovice challenges Chodov. Chodov has already achieved two three-point victories in the Moravia region, it won in the Bulldogs' Hall in Brno and in FBC in Ostrava.
In contrast TEMPISH Vítkovice are currently not in optimal form and in the last match they lost against Mladá Boleslav.

Both teams were not in complete line-ups. The goalkeeper of TEMPISH Vítkovice was Roman Fučík and the goal of Chodov was protected by Jan Barák. From the very beginning the game was very fast and after chances of both teams TEMPISH Vítkovice play in a power play. Although Kašovský from Chodov team is sent off, it paradoxically helps the home team and Dóža scores short-handed goal. However, then TEMPISH Vítkovice finally takes advantage of the power play and Lukáš Hájek levels the score. Within next two minutes other two goals are scored, one by Miloš Tyl from Chodov team, the other one by Ladislav Gál from TEMPISH Vítkovice. And the game continues in the same way till the end of the first period. There was another goal by TEMPISH Vítkovice scored by David Matúš and another one scored by Chodov player Marek Vávra, so at the end of the first period the score is 3:3. After the break both rivals continue in attempts to get into the lead. Jan Barák, Chodov goalkeeper gets injured and is replaced by Daniel Mück. When the score is already 5:5, TEMPISH Vítkovice finally succeeds in getting into lead when Josef Rýpar and Lukáš Hájek score each a goal and the score is 5:7.
The final period is as interesting as the previous ones. Both goalkeepers are busy from the very first minute. Tomáš Sýkora decreases the margin of TEMPISH Vítkovice in the 48th minute, score 6:7. However, four minutes before the end of the third part Ladislav Gál completes his hat trick and the score is 6:8. The last chance of Chodov is the power play at the very end of the period and Chodov makes use of this opportunity and at 59:15 and 59:59 Miloš Tyl scores two goals and this crazy match continues in extra time. However, the extra time is in the end very short. After only forty seconds Josef Rýpar scores a goal and TEMPISH Vítkovice wins 9:8!
As the best players of the game are chosen Miloš Tyl and Ladislav Gál, both scoring a hat-trick. 254 fans reward all players of this amazing match with a deserved applause. Placings in the Super League chart remain the same, Boleslav takes first place, Chodov second and TEMPISH Vítkovice fourth. The Super League continues on February 12th when TEMPISH Vítkovice challenges Sokol Pardubice.