1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice is heading to the FINAL FOUR


The female players from the 1. SC TEMPISH Vítkovice head for the prestigious FINAL FOUR tournament (formerly the Champions Tournament), where they will compete with the champions of the four best European competitions. The tournament is held in a different country every year, this year it is held in Gävle/Sweden. More in an interview with Jiří Velecký.

1) How would you characterize this prestigious tournament ..?
The championship of the European countries in floorball, this year's newly renamed FINAL FOUR, is the traditional tournament meeting of the championship teams from the top four European Floorball competitions, both men's and women's category, thus playing the primacy of Europe's best club floorball team. Both men and women take part in the Championship of Sweden (Storvret IBK, IKSU IBF), Switzerland (Men's Floorball Köniz, Women Piranha Chur), Finland (SC Classic, Women SB-Pro) and Czech Republic (Ml. Boleslav, 1.SC TEMPISH Vítkovice).
The system is simple, the semifinal pair is determined by the ranking, and the next day the medal game follows.

2) What does the participation in the Championship Tournament mean for the Vítkovice club and the Vítkovice players?
The championship tournament is the TOP of the club scene. A tribute to every master team, a great experience and lots of practice. At the same time, there is basically the only real possibility (except for tournament tournaments) where you can match up with the best clubs in the world. Vítkovice will take part in the Women's Cup for the third time in the women's category, and in 2014 they were able to reach the finals, which is historically the biggest victory of the women's team in Vítkovice.

3) Can you give us a team list?
Yes, you can see the list here: http://www.floorball.org/cc2019/joukkuekortti.asp?sarjaId=&joukkue_id=1400740981 

4) Comparison of last year's and this year's groups participating in this tournament.
During the summer following the winning of the championship title, a number of changes took place in the team, some very experienced assistants decided for foreign engagements (Ferenčíková, Šponiarová - Finland), Martináková, Klapitová (Switzerland) or moved within the Czech Republic or have a break from floorball (Koníčková, Žurková, Halfarová, Kociánová). A great new team has been created, complemented by some new talented players and reinforcements, but we are still very excited about the competition. The Cup of Champions is primarily the youngest team with the age average, drawing on new experiences that will be won in the domestic competition. Just as at the level of representation, it is important to take into account the fact that in Finland competitions Finland and especially Sweden are still a little ahead of us and the tournament, and with a lot of changes in the squad, we are rather trying to surprise the semifinals. We know from the experience of 2014 that it is possible and we can do it.

5) Is there any special preparation before the tournament?
The tournament is made for the first time at the beginning of this year (the previous years were held in October). And preparing during Christmas was a little more complicated. However, we are preparing for the tournament, this weekend we have a two-day focus on preparing for the championship cup.

Thank you, we wish good luck.


3.1. 2019 10:00 SB-Pro Nurmijarvi (FIN) - 1. SC TEMPISH VÍTKOVICE

V případě, že Vítkovice vyhrají, tak se utkají v pátek 4. 1. 2019 v 16:00 v bitvě o titul s vítězem duelu IKSU - Piranha Chur.

V případě, že Vítkovice prohrají, tak se utkají v pátek 4. 1. 2019 v 10:00 v bitvě o 3. místo s prohercem duelu IKSU - Piranha Chur.